Paper Chromatography Kit Portable (Model No. HV-PC-10)

Paper Chromatography Kit Portable (Model No. HV-PC-10)


  • Rs. 12,714.00

* First time in india and in house R & D of complete one year, we, Hoverlabs had developed paper Chromatography Kit. Hence we are the sole manufacturer of Model-HV-PC-10 Paper Chromatography Kit in the world.
* We have also applied for its patent.
* It is required in Colleges, Medical Colleges, Research Institutes for detection of RF Value.
Technical Parameter :
* Paper Chromatography Cabinet: It is made of single piece bakelite moulding. The inner size of cabinet is 6 x 8 x 9” with front sliding glass door. The lid of cabinet is also made of bakelite.
* Stainless Steel Solvent Pot: It is made of 316 Quality S.S. It is having the volume capacity of 150 ml. It is required to hold the solvent mixture.
* Stainless Steel Hanger: It is a stainless Steel rod of size 6” and dia 2mm. It is used as hanger of Chromatography paper. It fits inside the grooves of the cabinet.
* Chromatography Paper “1-Chro”: It is the world standard Chromatography paper. A smooth surface, 0.18mm thick with linear flow rate (water) of 130 mm/30 min. Good resolution for general analytical Separation and having following special features:
1 Simultaneous development of multiple samples on the same sheet under identical conditions.
2 Sequential development of the same sample with solvent or different concentrations of the same solvent.
3 Suitability for two-dimensional chromatography (change in direction of the solvent front) with possible improved resolution.

* Drying Stand: One stand is supplied to accommodate processed (wet)  Chromatography paper and to put it in oven to dry the same.
* Glass Sprayer with Rubber Balloon: The sprayer is made of Borosilicate Glass, specially
designed for spraying the indicators on Chromatography Paper. A rubber balloon is connected to it.
*Glass Syringe: Glass syringe capacity 20ml. is provided to draw the solvent from S.S. Pot after practical is over

* TLC Capillary: Pkt. of 25 high quality fine capillaries are supplied with cabinet.

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