Paper Electrophoresis Apparatus Vertical (Model No. HV-PEV-1)

Paper Electrophoresis Apparatus Vertical (Model No. HV-PEV-1)


  • Rs. 11,759.00

Specifications :
* The buffer chamber is made out of single moulded piece to avoid leakage of buffers.
* It is made of transparent poly carbonate.
* The unit have 2 Platinum electrodes, supplied with their banana sockets defined
in black and red colour.
* Vertical strip holder to adopt 3 paper strip in vertical position is supplied with vertical unit.
* Supply complete with respective protection cover, red and white cables.
* To work on 220 volts 50Hz A.C.
* Packed in corrugated box with instruction manual.

Special Features :

* High Quality
* High Performance
* Buffer Chamber moulded in single piece.
* No leakage
* Lid moulded single piece
* Safe wiring system
* 99.99% pure platinum wire is used in electrodes.

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