PCR Thermal Cycler (TOUCH SCREEN) (Model No. HTM-14)

PCR Thermal Cycler (TOUCH SCREEN) (Model No. HTM-14)


  • Rs. 331,760.00

CR Thermal Cycler (TOUCH SCREEN)


  • Gradient Thermal Cycler (96x0.2ml) with adjustable pressure hot lid to prevent volatilizing and dewing. Having long service life Peltier. Ramping rate 5°C/s and cycle times > 1000,000. Android system, 5" large color touch screen, gradient function, Wi-Fi module built-in, big storage capacity & support USB device, Time increment -1 secs to 600 secs, temperature increment 0.1 to 10.0°C. The unique left-right design for amplification area and operating area.
  • Temp. display accuracy ± 0.1 °C,
  • Gradient temp. Setting Range: 30-99 °C,
  • Perform 20000 times non-breakdown operation.
  • Block capacity 96 x 0.2 ml
  • Temp range 4°C-105°C
  • Max heating rate c 2.5°C/s.
  • Max Cooling rate < 2.5°C/s.
  • Temperature display accuracy 0.1 °C, Max Cycle Nos. 100. 

Product Internal Code: 8536

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