Plate Type Heat Exchanger (Model No. HVO-HT-17)

Plate Type Heat Exchanger (Model No. HVO-HT-17)


  • Rs. 135,284.00

Plate Type Heat Exchanger


Plate type heat exchanger consists of a heat exchanger in which metal plates are arranged. The plates are sealed at their outer edges and around the ports, which are so arranged that the hot and cold fluid media are directed alternately into passages formed between the plates. The hot fluid enters at the one side of the heat exchanger and flows downwards through alternate channels between the plates. The Hot fluid leaves the exchanger through a connection at the bottom. The cold fluid enters at the second side of the heat exchanger. The cold fluid flows in counter current flow through alternate channels between the plates and leaves the exchanger. Valves are provided to control the flow rates of hot and cold water. Flow rates of hot and cold water are measured using Rotameters. A magnetic drive pump is used to circulate the hot water from a re-cycled type water tank, which is fitted with heaters and Digital Temperature Controller.


To calculate: -

(i) LMTD
(ii) Heat transfer rate
(iii) Overall Heat Transfer Co-efficient


    • Superb Painted structure
    • Simple to operate & maintain

    Utilities Required

    • Water supply 20 lit/min (approx.)
    • Drain : Floor drain required.
    • Electricity Supply: I Phase, 220 V AC, 4 kW
    • Floor area of 1.5m x 0.75 m

     Technical Specification


    Water to Water


    Material Stainless Steel

    Water Flow Measurement

    Measuring cylinder & Stop Watch with Rotameters (2Nos.) one each for cold & hot fluid

    Hot Water Tank

    Made of Stainless steel Insulated with ceramic fibre wool.

    Hot Water Circulation

    Magnetic Pump made of Polypropylene to circulate Hot Water. Maximum working temperature is 80°C.


    2 kW Nichrome wire heater (2 Nos.)

    Temperature Sensors

    RTD PT-100 type 5 Nos

    Control panel

    Digital Temperature Controller: 0-199.9°C (For Hot Water Tank), Digital Temperature Indicator: 0-199.9°C,with multi-channel switch, On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc

    Overall Dimensions

    (L x B x H) 1150 x 450 x 1100 mm

    *With Standard make On/Off switch, Mains Indicator etc.
    *Painted rigid MS structure is provided to support all parts