Portable Waste Incinerator (Model No. HV-PI-133)

Portable Waste Incinerator (Model No. HV-PI-133)


  • Rs. 135,625.00

Portable Waste Incinerator

Incinerator is precisely designed for quick and safe disposal of waste materials specially for pharmacy colleges, small R&D labs, small nursing homes, veterinary colleges without causing any harm to environment in a very eco-friendly process. 

Body is made of mild steel duly powder coated. Heating element is made of Kanthal wire. Ducting is also provided with this instrument. The instrument contains two chamber, primary and secondary. Temperature in primary chamber is 800-900deg C, where as in Secondary chamber is 1000-1050deg C, controlled by Dual Display Microprocessor PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller. Workable on 3 Phase AC supply.

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