Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge, Max Speed 16000 RPM (Model No. HV-60)

Refrigerated Universal Centrifuge, Max Speed 16000 RPM (Model No. HV-60)


  • Rs. 112,064.00

* Bench Top Universal Refrigerated Centrifuge Machine, all purpose.
* Heavy duty C.R.C. construction finished with powder coating.
* Stainless Steel centrifugal bowl for extra protection and easy cleaning.
* Fitted with well balanced universal motor with having carbon brushes.
* 2 lines, 16 characters. LCD Display for set time, run time, set and run rpm, rcf.
* Digital Timer 1-99 minutes.
* Digital Speed Indicator and R.C.F. Indicator.
* Programmable Speed Regulator from 2000 to 16000 rpm in Variation of 100 rpm.
* Safety lid lock.
* P.I.D. Electronic digital temperature controller cum indicator is fitted to control the centrifuge temp. from room temp. upto -20°C means shuts off the cooling compressor within accuracy of + 1°C in standby mode. Means only centrifuge bowl is cooling and centrifuge bowl is centrifuge motor.
* Temp. Accuracy when motor is also running is + 2°C

Technical Parameter :
* Max. Speed : 16000 r.p.m.
* Max. RCF : 23000xg
* Timer : 1-99 min.
* Motor Universal Motor (with carbon brushes)
* Temp. Range : From room temperature- to Minus 8°C
* Power AC 220V 50 Hz 20A
* Weight : 60 kg. approx.
* Dimension : L-27” x W-21” x H-15” approx

Special Feature:
* Low sound
* Fitted with vacuum legs for better griping on table.
* Vibration free
* C.F.C. Free refrigeration
* Kirloskar compressor

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