Soil Testing Kit / Soil Nutrient Multiparameter Detector Analyzer Equipment (Model No. HV-GT2)


  • Rs. 275,700.00

Soil Nutrient Multiparameter Detector Analyzer Equipment 

  1. It can detect available nitrogen, available phosphorus, available potassium, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium, organic matter, pH, and salt content in the soil. The content of various medium and trace elements in the soil such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron, manganese, boron, zinc, copper, chlorine and silicon.
  2. The Android smart operating system adopts more efficient and user-friendly operation.
  3. The built-in crop expert fertilization system can calculate the recommended fertilization amount for the target output of more than one hundred national agricultural, fruit trees, and cash crops, and scientifically guide agricultural production according to the fertilization formula.
  4. Multi-channel design is adopted, ≥12 channels, all detection items can be detected at the same time for all channels, which greatly improves detection efficiency and reduces detection costs.
  5. Built-in plant nutrition diagnostic standard map, according to the pictures of the nutrient deficiency of each crop, compare the leaves to face to diagnose the abundance and deficiency.
  6. The colorimetric cell part adopts standard 1cm cuvette, which has no mechanical displacement and wear. The optical path test positioning is accurate, and the external light interference is effectively shielded to ensure that the test result is better than the national standard.
  7. The instrument has 4G memory, can store data for a long time,
  8. A new generation of high-speed thermal printer is built in the instrument, and the test report and QR code can be automatically printed after the test is completed.
  9. Highly sensitive 7-inch capacitive touch screen, high-definition and
  10. high-interaction display, greatly reducing the tedious operation and errors of traditional instruments.
  11. The design of high-strength PVC engineering plastic suitcase is sturdy and durable, easy to carry, and the power supply mode is AC and DC, which can test the supporting finished medicine in the field.