Teslameters (Gaussmeters) (Model No. HVO-0501-MA01)

Teslameters (Gaussmeters) (Model No. HVO-0501-MA01)


  • Rs. 36,511.00

Teslameters (Gaussmeters)


  • Range: 2000mT

  • Resolution:
0.01mT (0-200mT)
0.1mT (200-2000mT)
  • Accuray: ±1.0%
  • Temperature coefficient: ±0.1%/K
  • Zero drift: ±0.5mT/h
  • Interface: USB
  • Power Supply: 3x1.5V AA batteries or USB
  • Dimension (LxWxH): 165x90x40 mm
  • Weight: 350g


      • Measure magnetic induction of DC magnetic field
      • Directly display the N/S polarity of the measured magnetic field
      • One-key zero function: eliminate the influence of zero drift before measurement
      • Maximum value hold: record the maximum value of the changing magnetic field
      • Unit switch between mT or G (1mT=10G)
      • Auto ranging
      • Built-in USB interface for data transmission
      • Display with backlight
      • Auto power off

      Standard Delivery:

      • Main Unit: 1Pc
      • Radial Probe: 1Pc
      • Battery: 1Pc