Probe Sonicator Touch Screen (Model No. HVO-PRO-SERIES)

Probe Sonicator Touch Screen (Model No. HVO-PRO-SERIES)


  • Rs. 217,399.00

Touch Screen Probe Sonicator with Soundproof Enclosure

Probe Sonicator also referred as pulverize, is a versatile and multifunctional device that utilizes powerful ultrasound to induce a cavitation effect in liquids. This ultrasonic treatment tool is designed for a wide range of applications, including the disruption of various animal and plant cells, as well as virus cells. Additionally, it is capable of performing emulsification, separation, homogenization, extraction, defoaming, cleaning, and accelerating chemical reactions


    • Display:  7” Colorful touch screen display
    • Temperature Range: 0-100°C
    • Temperature & Power Display: Yes
    • Single ultrasound time & Single interval time: 0.1-99.9 S
    • Alarm System: Time alarm, overload alarm No-Load alarm, over-temperature alarm
    • Waveform Display: Pulse frequency and time
    • Data Storage: 20 sets
    • Power Supply: AC 220V/50Hz
    • Dimension (LxWxH)mm:  470x305x430mm 
    • In Built LED light in soundproof enclosure
    • Gross weight: 10kg + 5k (Soundproof Enclosure)

    Salient Features

    • 7" TFT touchscreen display.     
    • Built- in LED light in soundproof enclosure.     
    • Temperature Meter display on screen.     
    • Circulating Glass beaker to rotate the sample- Standard Supply.     
    • Pulse/ Frequency and Time Graph in Wave formation.   
    • User Password Protection available.     
    • Output amplitude 0-100% adjustable.     
    • Microprocessor controlled and completely programmable.   
    • Auto frequency tracking.     
    • Overload and time alarm functions,



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