Tray Dryer, SS With PID (Model No. HV-105)

Tray Dryer, SS With PID (Model No. HV-105)


  • Rs. 55,589.00

Tray Dryer, SS With PID

Standard double wall fabrication. Outer painted with hammer tone paint finish. The gap between the walls is fitted with special grade glass wool. Heavy Duty forced air blowers are provided to constantly circulate hot air to achieve uniform temperature in the chamber.  Kanthal wire heating elements provided to attain quick and uniform heating in range of 50° C to 250° C ± 2-3° C controlled by hydraulic type capillary thermostat. An dial type thermometer is fitted to the unit for reading the chamber temperature. Equipment suitable to be working on 220V AC 50Hz single phase.

  • Digital PID Temp. indicator-cum-controller

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