Ultrasonic Thickness Gage (Model No. HVO-ISU-250C)

Ultrasonic Thickness Gage (Model No. HVO-ISU-250C)


  • Rs. 109,804.00

Ultrasonic Thickness Gage


  • Range: refer to specification of transducers
  • Resolution: 0.1/0.01mm
  • Accuracy: 
±0.04mm (H<10mm)
±(0.04+H/1000)mm (10<H<100mm)
±H/333mm (H>100mm)
H is the thickness to be measured in mm
  • Velocity: 1000-9999m/s
  • Operation temperature of main unit: -20~50°C
  • Output: USB
  • Measuring unit: mm/inch
  • Power Supply: 2x1.5V AAA batteries
  • Dimension: 64x116x27mm
  • Weight 220g

Specification of Transducers (On Steel)

Code Frequency Diameter
Measuring Range Minimum size of pipes for measurement
Diameter x Wall Thickness
Applicable Temperature Application
HVO-ISU-T08 (Included) 5.0MHz 11mm 0.8-300mm Ø25x1.2mm -20~60°C general use
HVO-ISU-T04 (Optional) 10.0MHz 6mm 0.7-20mm Ø15x1mm -20~60°C for small tubes
HVO-ISU-T06 (Optional) 7.5MHz 9mm 0.7-50mm Ø15x1.2mm -20~60°C for thin workpieces
HVO-ISU-T012 (Optional) 2.0MHz 17mm 2-400mm Ø40x3mm -20~60°C for casting iron
HVO-ISU-T013 (Optional) 5.0MHz 15mm 3-100mm Ø25x2mm -0~350°C for high temperature



  • Measure the thickness from one side of object, suitable for pipe, tank, etc.
  • Applicable material: metal, plastic, glass, nylon, resin, ceramic, rubber, ice
  • Tolerance measurement
  • Average calculation of maximum 9 readings
  • Data can be input to excel and word as keyboard signal

Standard Delivery:

  • Main Unit: 1Pc
  • Transducer ISU-T08: 1Pc
  • Battery (AAA): 2Pcs
  • Couplant (for HVO-ISU-T04, HVO-ISU-T06, HVO-ISU-T08, HVO-ISU-T12): 1Bottle
  • USB Cable: 1Pc