UV Cabinet (Model No: HV-1211)

UV Cabinet (Model No: HV-1211)


  • Rs. 7,699.00

UV Cabinet


  • MOC Mild Steel, Powder Coated
  • Size 15" X 12" X 10" (H)
  • View Piece Aluminum Casting with Eye Protection
  • Light Source 3Nos
A) Short Wave - 254 nm.
B) Long Wave - 365 nm.
C) Visible Light
  • Tube Size. 12" Long
  • Working Individual Toggle switch provided for each light.
  • UV Cabinet Working Instruction: The UV cabinet is suitable for inspecting thin-layer chromatograms and objects in an unhardened room. The front of the box is closed with a magnetic lock, which can be pushed open.

Product Internal Code: 8615