Visual Colorimeter (Model No. HVO-VC-250)

Visual Colorimeter (Model No. HVO-VC-250)


  • Rs. 79,591.00


Visual measurement of color matching to determine material color; Design in conformity with internationally accepted color scale of Lovibond. Simple structure and easy to operate.

  • Measuring Range: 

  1. Red R0.1-R79.9 
  2. Yellow R0.1-R79.9 
  3. Blue R0.1-R49.9 
  4.  Neutral 0.1- 3.9 
  • Minimum Reading: 0.1 
  • White board Diffuse Reflectance: > 80%
  • Magnification: 1.9X
  • Dimension of Colorimetric dishes:                                               
  10mm 20mm 40mm
  25.4mm 20mm 40mm
  133.4mm 20mm 40mm
  • Weight (Gross): 11kg
  • Overall dimensions: 620mm x 440mm x 300mm