Water Softener (Model No. HV-WS-602)

Water Softener (Model No. HV-WS-602)


  • Rs. 9,629.00

Water Softener

Technical Specifications:

It softens the hard water and provides good quality water for use in laboratories. It helps to remove all the calcium and magnesium ions in hard water and the soft water thus obtained has hardness less than 5 ppm as CaCO3. It is specially designed for easy serviceability and recharging the resin with sodium chloride solution. The softened water can be used as feed water to the Distillation Units.
The use of hard water in boilers, would leave the boiler with a lot of scaling and sedimentation, hence to improve the quality of the distillate and for longer life of the glass/ quartz boilers, it is recommended to use softened water.