Advance Research Trinocular Microscope (Model No. HV-40 TR)

Advance Research Trinocular Microscope (Model No. HV-40 TR)


  • Rs. 60,817.50

Optical System: Infinity Colour Corrected Optical System
Eyepiece: PL10X/20T, Field Number FN-20mm with Adjustable dioptre
Objectives: Infinity Plan Achromat Objectives
Viewing Head: Trinocular, 30 ̊ Inclined Gemel Head
Nosepiece: Reverse Quintuple Nosepiece
Stage: 140x132mm Mechanical Stage, Movement Range 76x50mm
Condenser: N.A.1.25 Koehler Illumination Condenser (with socket for Phase Contrast and Dark Field Accessories)
Focus: Coaxial Focusing System with Tension adjustment, Coarse: 25mm Per rotation, with upper limit and tightness adjustment.
Illumination: 100-240V Voltage, Single High Brightness 3W LED with continuous intensity control.

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