Touch Screen UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometer (Variable) (Model No: HVO-2100T)

Touch Screen UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometer (Variable) (Model No: HVO-2100T)


  • Rs. 334,225.00

Touch Screen UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometer


  • Optical System: Double Beam
  • Wavelength Range: 190-1100nm
  • Band Width: 1.0, 2.0, 4.0,5.0 nm (Variable)
  • Wavelength Accuracy: ±0.1nm (D2 656.1nm), ±0.3 nm full range
  • Wavelength Repeatability: +0.1nm
  • Photometric Range: 0-200%T. -0.3-3.0A, 0-9999C
  • Photometric Accuracy: ±0.2T(0-100%T), ±0.002Abs(0-0.5Abs), ±0.004Abs (0.5-1.0Abs)
  • Photometric Repeatability: ≤0.05%6T(0-100%6T), 0.001Abs(0-0.5Abs), 0.002Abs (0.5-1.0Abs)
  • Stability: +0.0004A/h @ 500nm
  • Stray Light: 0.03%T @ 220 nm, 360 nm
  • Cell Holder: 10mm each, Sample & Reference Cuvette Holder   
  • Focal Length: 10mm
  • Light Source: Tungsten Lamp & Deuterium lamp
  • Resolution:  0.1nm
  • Display: Touchscreen 10-inches (800 x 480) HD TFT
  • Memory: 32GB
  • Detector:  Silicon Photodiode  
  • Control Mode: Stand-alone system/PC software
  • Baseline Flatness:  ±0.0008A/h
  • Data Output: USB   
  • Power Supply:  AC 220V/50Hz 
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 630 x 430 x 210mm
  • Weight:  28kg       


  • Full wavelength scanning (190-1100nm) covers UV, Vis. near IR.   
  • Fully sealed structure, all optical mirrors are equipped with SiO2 protective film to avoid stray light caused by dust and corrosive gas.   
  • Core components reduce the stray light and improve the stability and reliability. 
  • Double beam optical system with precision vertical-type dual optical path and dual detector.     
  • Grating of high performance greatly reduces the stray light and improves the stability and reliability of device.     
  • 10 inches large touch screen, built-in 32G memory.   
  • Powerful data analysis system with internal computer could realize multi functions independently. Like establishing calibration curve, photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, spectral scanning, dynamics, DNA/Protein test, multi-wavelength analysis and data printing.   
  • W Lamp / D2 Lamp can monitor of usage hours.   
  • Data can export in Pen drive directly.   
  • Convenient data storage and printing function. LUV Series can be directly connected to the printer HP DESKJET 2723 for A4 paper data and graph printing.   
  • Automatic power ON self-test and system positioning function could inspect and calibrate the deviation before every use.   
  • All test data and analysis report can be exported to USB disk directly.   
  • Graphs support 3D display.     
  • PC software follows GLP & GMP standards, user management, logging, data tracking, etc. mostly as per 21CFR Part 11.

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