Fluorescence Spectrophotometer

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer


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Fluorescence Spectrophotometer Manufacturer in India

* Excitation LED    :    250nm ~ 600nm(LED) EX wavelength standard set: 365nm,376nm,392nm,405nm"
* Emission monochromator    :    C-T conguration diffraction grating monochromator Emission wavelength range (EM): 200nm ~ 650nm, Bandwidth: 10nm
(Extend the monochromator to Em200-900 is optional .) Emission wavelength accuracy: ± 1nm Emission wavelength reproducibilit y: ≤ 0.5nm"
"* S⁄N ratio    :    S/N≥90(Using 1cm quartz sample cell, measure the signal noise ratio of Raman spectrum of wat er )"
* Detection limit    :    1 × 10-10 g / ml quinine sulfate solut ion
*  Linearity (γ)    :    ≥0.995
* Repetitive peak intensity    :    ≤1.5%
* Zero drift    :    ≤0.3(within 10min)
* Upper limit change of indicating value    :    ≤1.5% (Within 10 minutes) (displaying value≥50)
* Power type    :    220V±22V; 110V±22V
* Dimensions    :    442×392×250(mm)
* Weight    :    Net weight 10kg

A Fluorescence Spectrophotometer which is also known as fluorospectrometer, fluorometer or fluorescence spectrometer is used for measuring the fluorescent light that is emitted from any sample at different wavelengths when illuminated with a xenon flash lamp.

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