Front Loading Table Top Autoclave (Model No. HV-131-AC)


  • Rs. 240,000.00



Table Top Autoclave :

Stainless steel seamless chamber and epoxy coated chamber cover for more safety. Sterilize cycle, dry timer and indicator lamps display on panel which allows the operator to visibly acknowledge the phase. Safety locking mechanism that prevents opening while the autoclave is under pressure. Steam release valve will exclude cool air and extra steam

Construction Details :

Table Top Autoclave have 20-25 liters capacity and Sterilizer type is table top sterilizer. Table top autoclave have rectangular chamber. The Chamber is made up of SS 316. Door type is Hinged door with silicon elastomeric rubber gasket. to withstand temperature up to 140°C. Chamber would have Stress & Fatigue analysis reports for material & Construction of the pressure vessel. Sterilizer would have inbuilt steam generator with warranty on heating elements. The steam generator design would be with integrated energy storing system for building up power for sterilization loads in short time.

Temperature & Pressure :

  • Working pressure is 2.2 bars and design pressure up to 3.8 bars.
  • Following cycles should be available:
  1. 134 °c wrapped & unwrapped
  2. 121°c wrapped & unwrapped
  3. 134°c flash/rapid open instrument cycle
  4. 134°c textile
  5. 134°c prion
  • Pressure Equipment
  • Directive (PED) & EN 13445 norms

Control :

The control system is microprocessor based PLC system specially designed for sterilization applications. The control system would have CPU processor. Digital input/output controls, analog measuring inputs & COM ports for printer. Inbuilt printer for providing the verifiable specification details for each cycle.

Features :

  • Types of Cycles Process: Table Top Sterilizers would be equipped with B-process as per latest International standards
  • Chamber would be equipped with electrically heated jacket for preheating on standby mode A disposable air filter would be provided for filtering the atmospheric air before entering inside the chamber. The filter separation efficiency should be higher than 99.998% for particle size less than 0.3μm
  • ISO & CE Certified

Alarms :

  • Automatic process checking & failure correction would be possible by the control system.
  • Temperature & pressure sensor failure,
  • Phase time- out,
  • Doors not properly closed,
  • Power failure (less than 10 sec should be ignored),
  • Low water level etc.
  • All the alarms would be audio- visual

Accessories :

  • Rack with at least 3 levels & suitable size instrument trays would be the part of the supply for every sterilizer.
  • A SS 304 multiple level (minimum 3 levels) storage rack for storing 16" SS drums

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