Stereo Zoom Microscope, Trinocular (Model No. HV-ZOOM-II TR)

Stereo Zoom Microscope, Trinocular (Model No. HV-ZOOM-II TR)


  • Rs. 28,675.00

A versatile Stereozoom Microscope with incident and transmitted illumination, high quality optics, precise focusing controls (adjustable) and upto 45X magnification (upto 60X with optional 15X eyepiece).

 Trinocular Observation head inclined at 45° rotatable at 360° with Phototube

0 to 100% light transfer knob between trinocular port and eyepiece tube
Diopter adjustment ring on ocular tube
Interpupillary distance from 55mm to 75mm


Wide field 10X (paired) F.O.V. 20mm
Mechanical Body
Lateral zoom control movement, track stand with incident & transmitted LED lamps, clips for holding specimen with a base size of 198mm X 250mm.
Zooming Range & Ratio
Zoom 0.7X to 4.5X with magnification ratio of 1:6.5
Magnification Range
Working Distance
Transmitted & Incident Variable LED Illumination


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