Touch Screen Bio Nano Spectrophotometer (Model No. HVO-3101-BNS)

Touch Screen Bio Nano Spectrophotometer (Model No. HVO-3101-BNS)


  • Rs. 922,710.00

    Touch Screen Bio Nano Spectrophotometer

Touch Screen Bio Nano Spectrophotometer is new designer model, suit for quick test of DNA, RNA and Protein, especially for small size samples. Can measure 0.5 - 4μl Sample, no dilution of samples required. Quick scan 0.2 seconds only, long life lamps more than 2000 hours, wavelength Range: 200 - 800nm, Resolution 1 nm, Detects Nucleic acid up to 2-3750 ng/μI , Wavelength Accuracy± 1 nm, Absorbance range: 0.02 - 3.00 Abs, Path Length :0.5 mm, Light Source Xenon Lamp, Path Length 0.5 mm. Android system, Software Included.

Technical Specifications:

  • Wavelength Range: 200-800nm
  • Minimum Sample Size: 0.5-2μl  
  • Path Length: 0.2mm (Ordinary (High concentration) concentration) 1.0mm (Ordinary Concentration)
  • Light Source: Xenon Flash lamp
  • Detector Type: 2048 element linear silicon CCD Array
  • Wavelength Accuracy: 1nm
  • Spectral Resolution: <3nm
  • Absorbance Precision: 0.003Abs
  • Absorbance Accuracy: 1% (7.332 Abs at 260nm)
  • Absorbance Range: 0.002-100A
  • Detects Nucleic Acid up to: 2-5000ng/ul (ds DNA)
  • Measurement Time: <5s
  • Data Output: USB
  • Sample Pedestal Materials: Aluminum Alloy and Quartz Fiber
  • Operating Voltage: 24V DC
  • Operating Power Consumption: 25W
  • Standby Power Consumption: 5W
  • Dimension (wxdxh): 210*280*181mm
  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Software Compatibility: Android System OD 600nm Measurement
  • Light Source: LED
  • Wavelength Range: 600 +8nm
  • Absorbance Range: 04-A


  • Micro spectrophotometer
  • Setup CD
  • Adapter
  • USB cable
  • Operation manual

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