Vertical Autoclave Triple Walled Fully Automatic (Model No. HV-120-AC)

Vertical Autoclave Triple Walled Fully Automatic (Model No. HV-120-AC)


  • Rs. 103,629.00

Vertical Autoclave Triple Walled Fully Automatic

Construction :

  • Triple walled units with outer body, middle wall and Inner chamber made of thick gauge SS Sheet (304 Grade).
  • These are steam stocking models connected with a three way valve to control the sterilization cycle inside the autoclave.
  • The gap between the middle and the outer wall is filled with Glass Wool.
  • Lid is made of thick machined high grade Stainless Steel plate.
  • The unit has Radial Locking arrangement made of high grade SS duly polished with paddle lifting mechanism.
  • Unit is provided with Spring Loaded Safety Valve, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Release Valve, Water Level Indicator & Drain Valve.
  • Unit is hydraulically tested to withstand upto 40 psi pressure.
  • All internal joints are Argon arc welded, ground and polished to give crevice free internals.
  • Molded joint-less Silicon Rubber Gasket is provided for leak proofing.
  • The unit is electrically heated by flange type/immersion type heaters.
  • Supplied with Control Box, fitted with Mains & Heating Indicators, ON / OFF Switch, Cord & Plug to work on 220/230V, 50Hz, AC supply.

Working Temperature / Pressure :

These triple walled vertical autoclave have a working temperature of 121ºC (OR) 134º C. Working pressure for standard dry sterilization model vertical autoclave is 15 psi (OR) 30 psi.

Pressure Control :

The “PIEZOSTAT” (Pressure control device) is incorporated in the unit as it economises on power consumption and reduces the frequent opening of the steam release valve and thus prevents the release of steam in the room.

Switch Box :

Houses the PIEZOSTAT, Main Switch, Indicator Lamps, Relays etc. and mounted on the stand of the sterilizer for easy operation.

Fully Automatic :

Microprocessor based Controller with user programmable time and temp ; Low water level alarm and cut off for safety of heaters ; Sensor open alarm and display ; End of cycle buzzer to alert the user and auto reset ; Solenoid Valve for Automatic Purging and Exhaust (user settable).

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